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Pregnant Jamaican Woman
Pregnant Jamaican Woman




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Prenatal Program Scholarship

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About Us

Enroll in Bam Moms Club, a comprehensive 6-week prenatal program that teaches women Prenatal Education in Kingston Jamaica, covering everything they need to know about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and newborn care. 

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• Purpose

To Empower women to manage the social physical, and mental stressors of pregnancy labour, and delivery.

• Mission

BAM Mom’s Club’s mission is to facilitate the social, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of pregnant women and empower mothers durign pregnancy and post- partum period.

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What is it all about?

The Program will be held IN PERSON every Saturday from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm at the Summit (formerly known as Knutsford Court Hotel) in 6-week cohorts.

The Program consists of talks, demonstrations, and activities, by various experts in the medical and allied medical fields. Refreshments and weekly 20-minute group prenatal exercises are included in the program.

What will be taught?

4 course modules will be taught simultaneously over the six-week course.

Watch CEO of BAM MOMS CLUB, Dr. Gordon-Mitchell’s interview with Ms. Dadrian Gordon of TVJ’s  Weekend Smile program

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Module 1: Your Pregnant Body

Takes Moms through the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy and how to overcome some of the challenges women face at this time Led by experts:

  • Obstetrician / Gynaecologist

  • Pyschiatrist / Pyschologist

  • Pelvic Floor Expert  (Physiotherapist)

  • Physical Fitness Trainer

Preparing for labour

Module 2: Preparing
for your Labour

Guides moms on all the tips to have the Best Labour and Delivery they possibly can Led by experts:

  • Obstetrician / Gynaecologist

  • Pelvic Floor Expert  (Physiotherapist)

  • Physical Fitness Trainer

  • Birth Specialist

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Module 3: Your
Pregnant Relaxation


Exposes pregnant Moms to all the various relaxation techniques to use to make pregnancy amazing. Led by experts:

  • Hypnobirthing Specialist

  • Pyschiatrist / Psychologist

Mom holding baby's hand

Module 4: Preparing for the Postpartum Period

Preparing Moms for what to expect from the moment their baby is born to 6 weeks up to birth. Led by experts:

  • Midwife

  • Paediatrician

  • Pelvic Floor Expert (Physiotherapist)

  • Physical Fitness Trainer

  • Lactation Specialist

Bam Moms Club Circle
Bam Moms Club Circle


Dr. Soyini Gordon Mitchell

Dr . Soyini Gordon-Mitchell

Founder & CEO

Dr. Soyini Gordon- Mitchell is the CEO of BAM MOMS CLUB and BAM Cosmetics, she is a Medical doctor, a mom of 2, and a wife. She obtained her BSc in Biochemistry and Chemistry in 2001 and subsequently her MBBS at the University of the West Indies in 2010. She is a General Practitioner and has worked at Imara Medical Centre since 2019.
Her passion for pregnant moms started after the birth of her first son, Bryson, when she experienced firsthand the anxiety of being a new mom and all the uncertainty that goes along with it. She realized that though she had the clinical knowledge when all the combined pregnancy and postpartum factors hit her (pregnancy emotions, exhaustion, a crying baby, lactation difficulties), she felt overwhelmed and anxious, to say the least.

The course modules were born out of a lot of her lived pregnancy experience, and reflect a lot of the aspects she wished she had when she became a new mom. Her highest aspiration is that all pregnant moms obtain all the skills necessary to navigate their pregnancies in the peaceful, empowered, and blissful manner that God intended this special time to be.


Dr. Adrian Mitchell

Dr . Adrian Mitchell


Dr. Adrian Mitchell is an Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist, father, and husband. He studied at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Mona, and has been in medicine for over 10 years.

He takes a very hands-on approach to pregnancy and treats the whole patient.

He works at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Mona, and the Winchester Gynae Centre.

He is a Director of BAM MOMS CLUB and has developed a lot of the curriculum for the course modules. He believes in doing everything for the benefit of the baby and developing a happy, relaxed, confident mom is the ultimate thing you can do for the baby.


Dr. Violet Griffith

Violet Griffith


Violet Griffith is Jamaica’s first International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), admitted to the IBCLC in 2016. Her
the admission follows 30+ years of experience in Health Services
simultaneously providing care to new mothers as well as training
medical, nursing, and other healthcare professionals in Lactation
Best Practices.


Violet was instrumental in guiding the certification of selected hospitals in achieving Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative status in Jamaica. She is a dedicated and compassionate practitioner who utilizes diverse training, skills, and experience as a Lactation Consultant, Public Health Professional, Trained Teacher, and Registered Dietitian.


Dr. Savionne Francis

Dr. Savionne Francis

Dr. Savionne Francis is a proud alumnus of the Immaculate Conception High School, the University of the West Indies, and Nova Southeastern University where she attained her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2018. A Physio for the past 9 years, Savionne is passionate about the profession of Physical Therapy and has dedicated her time and efforts to serving and promoting the profession through the Jamaica Physiotherapy Association.

Dr. Sav has a unique niche set in Physical therapy as she specializes in Lymphoedema and Wound Management, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation & Aquatic Therapy. She is also a Transformational Speaker and has paired her natural gifting in speaking with her love of Physical Therapy to create Health and Safety seminars for the corporate market.

Savionne is a Christian, wife, and mother to 2 beautiful daughters. She loves food, spending time with her family and friends and a good games night will not pass her by.


Marlon Birbridge

Marlon Birbridge

Marlon Birbridge is a pillar in the Health and Wellness community of Jamaica. Along with being a fitness coach, he is a motivational speaker who seeks to improve and inspire people from all walks of life.

His goal is to have all his clients embark on the journey of fitness and healthy choices and for it to become their lifestyle.

He firmly stands by these words, "live the best of your life for the rest of your life".


Carlington Sinclair

Carlington Sinclair

BSc. Sports Management and Sports Marketing

Carlington Sinclair (BSc. Sports Management and Sports Marketing) is a fitness coach and CEO of Prezzifitness.


He has been practicing for 4 years and is committed to weight-loss and cardiovascular health.

He is one of our consultants for the BAM MOMS Prenatal Fitness program.


​Crystal-Ann Roberts

Crystal-Ann Roberts

RN, HBCE – Hypnobirthing Specialist

Crystal-Ann Roberts is a Registered Nurse currently practicing in the field of High-Risk Obstetrics in South Florida. She received her Bachelor's in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and her Associate's Degree in Nursing from Miami Dade College. She obtained her certification as a Certified Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator because of her love for maternity and her passion to influence the birthing world.

Jamaican-born and with a heart to serve her home country, she has worked hard to make concessions for moms in Jamaica and the US. As a nurse and mom of two, she understands the physiological and emotional needs associated with pregnancy and believes that birth can truly be both safe and beautiful when evidence and instinct combine.


​Dr. Shedale Griffiths Nelson

Dr. Shedale Griffiths Nelson

MBBS, DM Paediatrics

Dr. Shedale Griffiths Nelson is a consultant pediatrician who hails from the city of Montego Bay.

She is a Christian, mother, wife, and proud Hamptonian who began her medical journey in 2011 with her MBBS degree, followed by her Doctor of Medicine in Paediatrics.


She currently works at The Paediatric place and was introduced to BAM Mom's clubs by a close friend and colleague. During her pregnancy, she was surprised at how minimal the information and services offered to the public were, and she also struggled internally to find a balance between working, ‘wifing’ studying, and making time for self-care.


She is very enthused about collaborating with a program such as BAM Mom's that offers not just medical knowledge, but the emotional support needed to navigate the myriad of challenges that comes with being a new mom.


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For payments via Cash, Bank transfer & PayPal,

contact BAM MOMS CLUB at or 876-891-5315 or 876-436-9481


FULL 6-Week Course:

Weekly Rate: 

$25,0000 JMD

$5,000 JMD

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Q&A session with our specialist


Bam Mom’s Club Custom diary

Discounts on prenatal massages

Discounts on maternity & newborn Photography

20 Minute group prenatal workouts included

in each weekly session

Lactation classes included in the 6 week course







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